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ONZ Profile

ONZ Architects is a young innovative office, founded in 2007, based in Ankara-Turkey. As a multidisciplinary office, we create projects in various scales; from architecture to town planning and urban design. We believe that no architectural implementation is possible detached from its context.

Our transdisciplinary network increases our capability to enter complex conditions and move our understanding beyond the limits of geographical borders. In recent years ONZ Architects has won several awards in national and international architecture and urban design competitions.

The office values participation in consciously selected projects indispensably essential in establishing ambitious collaborations and in offering the highest quality solution to undertaken project.

We believe a better world is attainable through architecture. That is why we embody the most suitable sustainable features in our designs, make academic researches on the subject and negotiate with authorities for a more respectful use of the earth’s resources.

In addition to realizing projects, in order to broadly share and promote the architectural discipline, the office curates and organizes exhibitions and workshops with international contributors, under the name of “Creative Initiative”. Moreover the founders often work as part-time instructors and guest jury-members in prominent universities in Turkey.

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